I want to thank everyone that has submitted feedback,ideas and contributions to this project. There are a few people that I need to call a special thank you out to.

I modeled this project very closely after some of his community projects. In many cases, I used large chunks of his build and deployment scripts. I am sure I could have written my own, but I was able to just drop his scripts into my project. Because of that, I was able to auto publish to the Powershell Gallery with no effort.

Doug Finkle

When I first brought up the idea for this module, he pointed me to work that had already been done in this area. It was covered in his book PowerShell for Developers, by Douglas Finke (O’Reilly). Copyright 2012 O'Reilly Media, 978-1-4493-2270-0. In the example code for chapter 9, he showed me a creative way to approach generating graphs. That was the corner stone for how I approached the rest of this module.

Stefan Stranger

When I first started working on this module, Stefan was an early user that gave me feedback while I worked on it. He had a project at the time that was already using GraphViz. Just having someone using my module gave me a lot of motivation to work on it.